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Pleases Ponsorus will be taking a short hiatus
for the rest of 2022. looking forward to seeing ya'll in the
new year!

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in the meantime...

Consider checking out each of our personal projects we have going on!

Recent Feature!

Episode clip via @Onyourmental, tik Tok

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Pleases Ponsorus

Jaspal Sidhu Opens Up

Jaspal was recently featured on the On Your Mental Podcast hosted by our dear friends Reuben Hardern & Kabir Sandhu where they discuss dating, relationships, breakups, Jaspal's own mental health journey & much more.

Click the thumbnail for the link to the full episode & make sure to drop a like and subscribe to Reuben, Kabir, & the On Your Mental Podcast 

 limited run
1st edition


available now!
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