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The man-children behind the whacky games & challenges on tik Tok.

We are a collective of Vancouver based creators and friends that have banded together to create content and connections

through the power of friendship.

Jesse Valenciano

& his Majestic Hair Speedruns

Instagram @JesseValenciano, Tik Tok @JesseValenciano

Jesse's patented OMEGLE Majestic Hair Speedruns have gained some traction on his personal Instagram page @jessevalenciano; garnering over 3.5 million views in the first course of a couple of weeks.

"we're gonna see how long it takes someone to call either me or my hair majestic."

"tbh, I just followed the same editing and posting format we used with Pleases Ponsorus, but applied it to something more personal to my brand. It's nice to see that what I learned with the guys can be applied to anything that I do."

- Jesse Valenciano

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Derek Gerard


(Podcasting with random people in random locations)

Expanding & flexing his interviewing chops, Derek's recent content has been centered around interviewing interesting/unique people... but doing so outside of a studio; turning the traditional podcast format mobile.

"let's talk about that for a second, she WASN'T flirting with me..."

Make sure to follow to see upcoming videos featuring the boys @PleasesPonsorus & many others!

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