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A Collaborative  Approach

Everything we do at Pleases Ponsorus is in pursuit of fostering creativity & passion within ourselves and the community. 


Merch is an extension of us and a bridge between what goes on behind the scenes here at Pleases Ponsorus and YOU; the members of the community that supports us and allow us to do what we do.

Openness, Creativity, & Collaboration are at the core of our being here at Pleases Ponsorus and we intend to extend these elements into our merchandising infrastructure.

We will be facilitating locally sourced, collaborative merch drops with local artists, creators, & business owners to help propagate the creative scene in our home of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Who we're looking for...

It's not what we're looking for it's WHO we're looking for.

We want to work with artists, creators, & entrepreneurs who are passionate about their work.

We want to understand your art the way you do.

Whether it's custom printing, graphic design, photography or traditional art mediums

... If you have a creative passion or business we want to work with you.

Get in touch with us directly and let's make it happen!

Let’s Work Together

Pleases Ponsorus
wants to work with you.


If you are a local content creator, artist, or business owner & want to be a part of future merch projects, fill out this form and tell us about your work!

Which days are you available? (best days to reach out)

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

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