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Derek Sticker Stack_edited.png
Jesse Sticker Stack_edited.png

First Edition Stickers available now!

Official Pleases Ponsorus die-cut stickers available in 4 colors. Purchase your favourite or collect them all!

Our first ever
sticker collection
is here!


Jaspal Sidhu, Pleases Ponsorus Sticker Collection

Look how happy jaspal is
with his

(this could be you!)

Jesse Valenciano, Pleases Ponsorus Sticker Collection
Jaspal Sidhu, Pleases Ponsorus Sticker Collection
Tag Us Sticker Promo copy.png

These Are VERY Exclusive...

EVERYTHING from design & production to packaging & shipping

is managed and completed by us here at Pleases Ponsorus.

This 1st Edition Sticker Collection serves as a means of building and testing the infrastructure required to facilitate our future merch projects.

If we hope to continue to keep our fingers on the pulse of our merch drops, we need your help to make it happen!

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